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Ligatures. Inconsolata includes ligatures for a few JavaScript operators: Further reading: Inconsolata expansion project thread on Google Fonts Discussions. from Google Fonts. Contribute to google/fonts development by creating an account on GitHub. m4rc1e and davelab6 inconsolata: v added (#). from Google Fonts. Contribute to google/fonts development by creating an account on GitHub. fonts/ofl/inconsolata/

Inconsolata is an open-source font created by Raph Levien and released under the SIL Open However, when Inconsolata was added to Google Fonts, it was fully hinted and a bold variant was added. Inconsolata-LGC is a fork of Inconsolata.

Update The official release of Inconsolata is at Google Fonts, and official upstream is on github. These versions have better Windows hinting and.

Matteson; Droid Sans Mono by Steve Matteson; Inconsolata by Raph Levien and creates a preview page for all monospace fonts hosted on Google Fonts. A Hassle-Free Way to Self-Host Google Fonts. Get eot, ttf, svg, woff and woff2 files + CSS snippets!. google-inconsolata-fonts. Monospace Font Designed for Printed Code Listings. Inconsolata Bold is a Unicode typeface family that supports languages that use.

Monospace Font Designed for Printed Code Listings webfonts/family?family=Inconsolata. Inconsolata Bold is a Unicode typeface family.

Tuesday I made Regular, and Bold masters compatible, and started expansion towards GF Latin Plus. My goal is to complete the proposed. To install Inconsolata, search for it in the Software application in or install the google-droid-sans-mono-fonts package using DNF or yum on. You can try version, which looks clean to me. Go to the Inconsolata Homepage and download it from there.

Inconsolata is my first serious original font release. It is a monospace font, designed for printed code listings and the like. There are a great many " programmer. Keywords. typeface · font · font family · google fonts · inconsolata. install. npm i typeface-inconsolata. weekly downloads. version. DOCTYPE html> Inconsolata' rel='stylesheet'> body { font-family: 'Inconsolata'.

Websites using the typeface Inconsolata with personal recommendations for similar web fonts, suggested font pairings and the closest free alternative.

Upstream URL: License(s): custom:OFL. Maintainers: Ronald van Haren. Package Size. Inconsolata Bold is a Unicode typeface family that supports languages that use the Latin script and its variants, and could be expanded to support other scripts. Best google fonts combinations typeface pairings - 1 Download: Playfair Display / Fauna Download: Hind / Inconsolata · SEE MORE Share this post with a.

As you might have see, Google now offers a full webfont API. There's Inconsolata regular, italic and bold-italic and Droid Sans regular. Google webfonts range from just one face (e.g. Inconsolata) to as many as 10 ( with extra weights besides the standard and —see Josefin Slab, below.) . For example, to request the Inconsolata font: ? family=Inconsolata Note: Replace any spaces in the font family.

Inconsolata as originally designed by Raph Levien had much tighter vertical spacing. Last December, Google announced a project to "raise the quality" of a.

go / image / master /. / font / inconsolata. tree: 81a8f6f5fd24fba3f0ffaac0d5 [path history] [tgz]. bold8xgo · · regular8xgo.

Inconsolata. Grumpy wizards make toxic brew for the evil Queen and Jack. One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself. People commonly tag it as portfolio, design, simple, agency, rounded, friendly, tech, unusual, developer and furniture. You can get it from Font Squirrel, Google . If you have problems with the font Inconsolata on linux-based systems with JetBrains IDEs

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